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Reunion Blues Continental...
250,00 €
1” Thick Shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton with reinforced impact panelsZero G palm-contoured handle with weight-distributing foam coreReinforced neck brace system locks instrument neck securely in placeBallistic Quadraweave exterior w/water resistant zippers and rigid EVA backingEVA reinforced laptop/tablet compatible multi-pocket
Reunion Blues RBB4BK... Reunion Blues RBB4BK... 2
  • -41,00 €
Custodie per Basso

Reunion Blues RBB4BK Semirigida Basso El

Reunion Blues
199,00 € 240,00 €
The RB Continental Electric Bass Guitar Case from Reunion Blues is designed to protect and carry your electric bass guitar. It has a water-resistant ballistic Quadraweave exterior which surrounds a lightweight Flexoskeleton protection system of 1" thick high-density foam and EVA impact panels designed to protect your guitar from scratches even from up to...
Reunion Blues RGB1BK... Reunion Blues RGB1BK... 2
  • -41,00 €
Custodie per Chitarra

Reunion Blues RGB1BK Semirigida El Guit

Reunion Blues
199,00 € 240,00 €
FINALLY. A SENSIBLE, STYLISH CASE THAT OUTPERFORMS WOOD AND PLASTIC. When we set out to develop a new case, we knew it had a lot to live up to. That's why we spent 3 years thinking through every detail of the RB Continental, a revolutionary fusion of strength and style. The RB Continental's water-resistant ballistic Quadraweave exterior surrounds a...
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