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Guild X-175 Manhattan Special

Guild X-175 Manhattan Special

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The Guild X-175 Manhattan has an arched spruce top – an important ingredient in any acoustic instrument—and that’s really how I think of this. It starts as an acoustic instrument, then it goes from there.
Arched maple back and maple side. 3-piece neck. That same vibe they were doing in the 1950s and 60s.

These authentic DeArmond Dynasonic pickups really have a thing. That vintage, old-school, rich, jazzy, rockabilly tone is all there. [Plays chords] But those pickups are just so rich! There’s such a tone there.

[Activates bridge pickup] Then with just the bridge – you’ve got a little bit of twang. Love the in-between tone.

These guitars were used back in the day when there really weren’t effects. But there’s so much personality there. I love the Bigsby-eque, Guild vibrato tailpiece. I’ve been whangin’ on this thing pretty hard and it seems to stay in tune.


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