Drum Pedals

Round felt beater Height-adjustable column for exact alignment of the drumstick to the center of head Simple spring adjustment by upward mechanics Beater and foot-plate angle adjustable independently Smooth and light base plate Foldable for easier transport
Tama offers its fans an exclusive limited edition Anniversary Package. The Package includes a semi-rigid bag and a Tama T-Shirt with the "20th Anniversary" logo, this naturally as an additional element when purchasing a pedal from the series and without any price change compared to what is shown in the catalogue. Smooth footplate Bearing housing with...
Single drum pedal with Noise Eater system, which absorbs vibrations before they are transmitted to the floor, for great acoustic isolation of the pedal. STURDY, LOW-NOISE KICK PEDAL The RDH-100A helps V-Drums players keep acoustic noise and vibrations under control without sacrificing playability. This professional pedal offers superior performance and...
Meinl TMSTCP-2 Cajon Pedal. Play your Cajón like a bumblebee. The Meinl TMSTCP-2 pedal has a direct drive, which provides a direct and loss-free transmission of force from the foot to the beater. This makes the Cajón pedal much more precise than comparable chain or cable models. Thanks to the angled strike bar, the musician can use the usual sitting...
The Pearl P-530 pedal features many specifications shared with some of Pearl 's more advanced bass drum pedals, such as a dual-chain drive action, dual-surface beater, Uni-Lock Beater Angle Cam, and Side Hoop Clamp. The D-50 drum stool has a round synthetic leather seat. The seat is height adjustable via a series of holes. P-530 features Set consisting of...
The 830 line is known for offering great quality drum hardware despite its low prices. Pearl 's P-830 Single Chain Bass Drum Pedal features a Demon-style long footplate for increased leverage and speed. Characteristics transmission: Single chain Cam: Perfectly circular Deck: Demon Style Longboard Beater: DuoBeat Beater Beater angles: Infinite Spring...
Tama Iron Cobra HP600D
Not available
Duo Glide cam for easy switching between Power Glide and Rolling Glide Double chain drive ensures smooth and precise movement Newly designed hinge for more precise movement and greater durability Speedo Ring eliminates friction ParaClamp helps keep the pedal on the floor
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Drum Pedals
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