Tuners and Metronomes

KORG KDM-3 KDM-3 BK- Black DIGITAL METRONOME KORG KDM-3 BK the digital metronome with a traditional design makes daily exercise more enjoyable! The design of the KDM-3 BK is very similar to that of a traditional mechanical metronome, except for its much smaller dimensions, and is able to adapt perfectly to a table top, piano or other surfaces in any...
KDM-3 WH - White KORG - KDM-3 WH - White DIGITAL METRONOME, traditional mechanical metronome design, 8 Clicks, 19 Beat Patterns, One-Touch operations, large display, 3 types of tempo settings, Sound Out Tuner with sound signal, Timer, Functions: Memory Backup and Auto Power-Off, wide operational autonomy. KORG KDM-3 WH the digital metronome with a...
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Tuners and Metronomes
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