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X Vive U4T9 In-ear monitor system
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Complete U4 system with T9 In-Ear headphones - 2.4Ghz band transmission - 24-bit/48 kHz conversion with 107Db of dynamics - 20Hz-20Khz frequency response - 6 selectable channels - Latency less than 5 ms - Range of 27, 5m (in the absence of obstacles) - 3.5mm TRS jack headphone output - Up to 5 hours of operation on a single charge - Integrated lithium...
DGT01 is Jim Dunlop 's stage torch from the System 65 line, essential when you need to set up your amplifier, adjust the pedalboard or change the strings of your instrument in low light situations as often happens on stage. The flashlight is equipped with a power button on the back that will allow you to choose three power modes: high beam (strong light),...
BOB LED is the market-leading flame effect light, but it does not generate heat. This device, powered by LEDs, perfectly simulates a flickering cauldron. The LED BOB can be placed on its legs or hung on a chain (included).
DJ Bank quickly and easily adds color to any party. This compact light strip features 4 clusters of LEDs that follow the beat of the music. A new "all-on" switch also allows you to turn on all four pods at the same time to flood the room with light.
EZpar 64 RGBA is a battery-operated wash lamp designed to free the user from the hassle of cables and speed up set-up. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge and powers all 180 red, green, blue and amber LEDs to deliver stunning colors. Easily monitor remaining charge using the battery life indicator and add a...
The EZwedge Tri is a battery-operated tri-color LED wash light that fits perfectly with the TRUSST Goal Post and Arch Kit beam systems. The rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to 20 hours on a single charge and you can easily check the battery status with the Integrated duration indicator. EZwedge Tri attaches to a 35mm beam without the need for a...
Freedom Par Quad-4 is powerful, bright and truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery and a built-in D-Fi transceiver. Freedom Par Quad-4 has 20 watts of power with fully mixable RGBA colors, for that extra richness and variety that amber adds to the color of the light beam. It can be used with the control panel, the included IRC-6 remote control, or...
The LED Shadow is a wash type black light lamp, equipped with automatic programs that produce amazing patterns. the LED Shadow was also chosen by Coldplay for the concerts of the tour for their album "Mylo Xyloto"
Equipped with 192 RGBW LEDs, Mega Trix is a stage light controllable via DMX that projects multicolored animations covering a very large surface without moving parts. Crystal-clear optics create stunning mid-air effects and captivating light rays. The innovative internal hook allows mounting on most stands and speaker stands without the need for further...
MotionDrape LED is the perfect backdrop for any mobile artist. 176 three-color SMD LEDs, arranged on a 2x3m background, can be controlled via the included controller or via DMX. This impressive display has 30 animated effects ranging from color fading to graphic equalizer effect. For added convenience, the LED MotionDrape has grommets on all sides to aid...
MotionOrb is a fantastic decorative light made up of 55 color-changing and flashing LED balls in strings that can be hung like a curtain, pulled to one side or draped across the ceiling. MotionOrb comes standard in a 2 meter length, but can be extended to 4 meters with optional MotionOrb extensions. MotionOrb features a variety of built-in color changes...
Create multicolored, stackable rings of light with Radius 2.0. Powered by 3W RGBWA LEDs, this stage light offers a variable strobe in any color scheme and a variable speed motor to control forward and reverse movement. The automatic and sound-activated operating modes allow use even without DMX.
SlimPAR Tri 12 IRC is a low profile, high power LED par designed for any application where wash type lights are needed. Twelve three-color LEDs make it the perfect front-of-stage light, eliminating multicolored shadows and providing smooth, uniform output. The addition of the IRC-6 (infrared remote control) allows for simple operation and eliminates the...
Capacity 1 litre Max power 900W Fixing bracket It has a fixing bracket Remote Control Supplied for remote control Preheating time 5 min. Smoke volume produced 260 m3/min Wireless control Yes Color Grey/Black Weight (Kg) 3.2 Product dimensions 350 x 190 x 250 mm 230V power supply
Can of liquid for smoke machine. Of medium density, it adapts to any type of machine with excellent yield. The composition is absolutely non-toxic, does not stain and is odourless. There is no need to dilute the liquid which is therefore ready for use. The container in which it is supplied has a capacity of 1lt.
Smoke machine Its power makes it suitable for use in theatres, schools and shows in general. Thanks to the smoke generated, the rays of the light effects will become visible and the stage show will be guaranteed. It is equipped with both wired and wireless controls. Excellent operational autonomy.
GFW-MUS-LED Lamp composed of nine white light LEDs ideal for music stands, pedal boards, mixers and more - Possibility of "high" and "low" settings - Clamp connection - Ultra-flexible Gooseneck - Nylon bag included - USB cable and (3) AA batteries included
Decorative light sphere - Diameter 20 cm S-20 is the decorative light sphere from Algam Lighting with a diameter of 20 cm, perfect for your parties and events. Thanks to the 16 different colours, the battery operation with autonomy of up to 12 hours, the 4 selectable programs, the possibility of adjusting the scrolling speed and the intensity of the light...
Compact and versatile dual-headed light with 2 flexible goosenecks and with 2 durable LEDs on each head. The energy-efficient LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours. The practical and extra-wide clip (up to 25 mm) attaches to music desks, table tops etc. It can also be used as a standing light. The goosenecks are easy and compact to fold. Includes 3 batteries...
Piano lamp with an elegant design, perfect for stage and digital pianos. State-of-the art LED technology guarantees bright light (12 LEDs, 2500 Lux), long life and low energy consumption. Optimum positioning thanks to a long, flexible goose neck (405 mm length). Heavy base ensures stable positioning. Includes power adapter.
Piano lamp with an elegant design. The cutting-edge LED technology guarantees pleasant warm white light (3000 K, 12 LEDs, 2500 Lux), long life and low energy consumption. A variable dimmer adjusts the brightness. Optimal positioning thanks to the long, flexible gooseneck (length 415 mm). The heavy base ensures stable support. Power is included. - 3 m...
Chauvet DJ Hemisphere 5.1
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Hemisphere 5.1 is a rotating light that projects RGBWA LED rays through dozens of transparent lenses, just like a rotating multicolored mirror ball. The individually controllable LEDs adapt to the style and "mood" of any event and allow you to create personalized light shows. Multiple control options include 5-channel DMX mode and built-in automatic and...
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